Contemporary Black Wall Mounted Plastic Clock with Hidden Storage Door - Secret Interior Compartment, Hidden Safe for Storing Valuables - 10 Inch Dia - Stylish Home Security and Organization Solution with Modern Elegance

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  • Dimensions: Elegantly sized at 10 inches in diameter with a sleek 3-inch depth, our Modern Wall Clock strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality 
  • Hidden Safe: Discover the perfect blend of functionality and security. This wall clock features a discreet hidden safe, providing you with a clever and secure storage solution for your valuables such as jewelry, cash, or credit cards. Keep your prized possessions safe in plain sight
  • Function: Powered by precision and convenience, this wall clock is battery-operated, requiring just 1 AA battery (not included). Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with a clock that seamlessly fits into your daily routine
  • Quiet: Experience tranquility with the sweep and silent movement of this clock. Say goodbye to annoying ticking or chiming, creating a peaceful environment in your home. Enjoy a quiet work environment and undisturbed sleep with this sophisticated timepiece
  • Decorative And Practical: This decorative plastic safe wall clock isn't just a timekeeping device; it's a stylish solution for empty wall space. The modern design, combined with sturdy construction, makes it an ideal addition to any room. The hidden safe adds a practical element, offering two storage shelves for small items like jewelry, cash, or credit cards

Immerse your living space in sophistication with our Modern Wall Clock featuring a hidden safe—a seamless blend of style and security. This decorative plastic safe wall clock is not just a timepiece; it's a versatile solution for both empty wall spaces and discreetly storing your valuables. The clock's exclusive design introduces a touch of modern elegance, transforming your home into a curated haven of contemporary aesthetics. Crafted with sturdy construction, it not only stands as a functional timekeeping device but also serves as an artistic focal point in any room. Uncover the hidden safe within, providing a secure sanctuary for your cherished belongings. Two storage shelves make organization a breeze, offering a discreet space for items like jewelry, cash, or credit cards, keeping them close at hand yet cleverly concealed. Powered by a single AA battery (not included), the clock operates silently with a sweeping movement, eliminating the annoyance of ticking or chiming. This ensures a calm and serene environment, making it suitable for any room, including the kitchen, dinette, dining room, living room, study, or home office. Embrace the perfect synergy of practicality and aesthetics with this multi-functional wall clock. Elevate your decor, add a layer of security to your valuables, and make a stylish statement with our Modern Wall Clock – where design meets functionality in perfect harmony.

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Simple yet gorgeous

    Published by Hana Al-Farouk on Jun 17th 2023

    The clock is very simple and basic. Noone would be able to guess that my car keys are in there!

  • 5
    was very easy to hang

    Published by Ava on May 10th 2023

    I don't keep any valuables in it but I do keep some things and no one can think that it actually hides something.

  • 3
    Sticks out of the wall too much

    Published by E. R. Taylor on May 9th 2023

    I don't like the way it pretrudes, it makes it look fishy. The clock works fine though.

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